against the

5 point action plan

Reducing emissions through business operations

The setting of a public science-based net zero target by June 2024

The only exception is SMEs, who currently do not have to make this data public.

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Reducing emissions through advertising production


was emitted as a result of the 446 projects completed between Jan- June 2023

6.1 tCO2e

The mean size of a completed project.

They ranged massively from 1.75 kg to 181.15 tCO2e. Given there is such a range, it’s clear that carbon footprint considerations need to be considered early in the creation process. The use of virtual sets can increase to address this.

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Still from a video for Adam and Eve DDB's campaign for Quorn.
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Reducing emissions through media planning and buying

Creating momentum via an Immediate Actions Guide, launched at Cannes
Developing a common understanding of the current media carbon measurement and estimation practices through the establishment of working groups with a goal of completion by the end of Q4 2023.
Establishing a global methodology for measuring the carbon emissions from media by early 2024, which will create a scientifically rigorous standard that media companies and their clients can use to confidently fulfil their ESG reporting requirements.
Climate Science Expert Group made up of
experts from inside and outside the industry
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Reduce emissions through industry awards and other events

  1. Use Isla to measure your carbon emissions on events.
  2. Ensure you are building sustainability considerations into your award-winning campaigns, and put pressure on industry organisations to bake this into awards processes going forward.

Harnessing advertising’s power to support consumer behaviour change

Promotional image for Ad Net Zero awards.
Still from ebay x Love Island tv commercial. E-Bay took the UK prize for their Love Island collaboration promoting pre-loved fashion.
Image from the Makro campaign. Makro took the International Grand Prix for their ‘Life Extending Stickers’
professionals have taken the Ad Net Zero Essentials Certificate training to date
Bringing ChangeTheBriefAlliance training training to the US market in early 2024
Credos estimates based on Nielsen Ad Intel data, 2023
Chart. Credos estimates based on Nielsen Ad Intel data, 2023.
  1. Your campaign isn’t driving climate action? Change the Brief! Get some inspiration from this year’s winners. The solutions are already here for creating the behaviour change we need to see… the time to implement them is now.
  2. Benchmark your sustainable campaigns against the rest of the industry by entering the Campaign Ad Net Zero Awards 2024. Take inspiration from the 2023 winning case studies here.