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The ANZ movement is growing. With 2 new ANZ regions joining this year, we now have 18 Global supporters (+13 trade associations), 103 companies in the UK, 75 in the US, 71 in Ireland, and 47 in New Zealand (Local chapter numbers include the subsidiaries of many of the GLG members). Future plans from ANZ include the establishment of new markets, training etc, deeper supporter engagement, the establishment of an industry aligned media emissions measurement methodology, and the launch of our Foundational Pathway for supporters to evidence the great work they are doing.

But we all need to do much more.

As mighty as the ANZ community is, large swathes of the industry and whole territories are yet to even begin their net zero journey. And often when they are, the work is accompanied by a deafening silence filled with greenhushing and the fear of getting things wrong.

We are also particularly disappointed by the profile and time being spent on the issue of climate change at our major industry events, coupled with a lack of critical evaluation of the industry’s impact on the environment. The space to measure and then celebrate the right things is still woefully small.

So, we are calling on the whole industry to join us: to push stakeholders and supply chains to set net zero targets, to drive the behaviour changes we so desperately need, and to build sustainability into strategies from the start.

Agencies joining the race will be rewarded by brands who will be turning their attention to their Scope 3 supply chain emissions and partnering with businesses that mirror and evidence the same values.

If you aren't already part of the ANZ community, find out more about becoming a supporter below.

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