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Headshot of Sebastian Munden
— Sebastian Munden,
Ad Net Zero Chair


As we continue to see the impact of climate change speed up, the need for our industry to step up and play our role in tackling the emergency only grows. Ad Net Zero exists to help all sectors of the industry to decarbonise and accelerate the promotion of more sustainable choices and behaviours at scale. That purpose has never been more urgent.

This, our first annual report, sets out the action gaps across the industry. We believe the introduction of our first mandatory requirements for supporters, the setting of public science-based net zero targets with annual reporting against them, will have a significant impact on the industry’s decarbonisation journey. This first set of numbers only demonstrates that need.

Progress is being made across the ecosystem both in defining standards and learning by doing. The collaboration between Ad Net Zero and GARM is leading the way when it comes to media emissions measurement, whilst AdGreen usage continues to grow across production. We have shown how advertising can contribute to the transition to a more sustainable way of living. A number of industry award bodies have introduced sustainability criteria in line with Ad Net Zero mandatory asks and the Campaign Ad Net Zero Awards saw a record number of entries, showcasing some powerful and effective work. We want to thank all the Ad Net Zero supporters across the world for making this possible.

But whilst we take a moment to recognise progress, none of it is enough. Not even close. I urge you to reflect on where your business is in the context of this data and think about the impact you can have to change the way we work and change the work we make. Set science-based net zero targets and activate your strategy to deliver against them, if your company has not yet done so. We all have a role to play.